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At TheHungryFrog, we believe in doing things differently. We believe in coming up with ideas and strategies that are unique and in line with your application.

Our Values

Our team fosters and embraces a distinct set of values that we live by and instill in all aspects of our organization.

Our Approach

Our expert software engineers will gate keep the quality of your project while maximizing results.


We provide the best testing solutions for your applications to ensure quality product. Our first step starts with analyzing the requirements and building optimized test strategies.

Web Testing

  • Web Browser Manual Testing

  • Web Browser Automation and Integration Testing

  • Web Browser Compatability Testing

Mobile Testing

  • Mobile Manual testing for IOS/Android system

  • Mobile Automation testing for IOS/Android system

  • Mobile Native and Hybrid app Testing

Performance Testing

  • Capture perfomance metrics of web/mobile applications

  • Debug application performance bottlenecks

Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Continuous test feedback with scheduled automation execution

  • Continuous test feedback on new builds

Report Generation

  • Automated email report for every execution

  • Customised dashboard support to track the application health

Training and Education

  • Corporate training for web and mobile automation framework

  • Customising frameworks as per the application nature


We are a company of extraordinary people who help you to deliver high quality products to your customers.

Boopalan Raman

Chief Advisor

Santhoshkumar Muralikrishnan

Chief Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

  •     Please contact us with the details of your web and mobile application. We will arrange a personalised demo of automated tests.

  •     Inhouse automation framework with all custom features. We can quickly enable the automation tests and regression.

        Quality is our main priority.

  •     I’d love to answer that but I can’t yet because I don’t know exactly what help and support you need.

        Don't hesitate to reach us with your requirement and rest assured.

  •     We also help you to migrate the existing testing projects for enhancements!

  •     Depends on the projects but not limited to Selenium for Web, Appium for Mobile, Jmeter for performance, Git for repo, Jenkins for CI/CD.

        Protractor, cloud execution using saucelabs/browserstack, Automated UI tests, etc.


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